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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  February 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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hope you have a teit's republicans turn in nevada. whose leading in that state ahead of today's caucus. student pledge.. a metro school district says high school students should start their school day the same way other student do. why the pledge of allegiance is returning to the classroom. pothole patol.. how cities are trying to keep up with all the potholes... and how you can help. it's tuesday february 23rd...
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first on 13... decision day has arrived for republicans this morning. nevada's republican caucuses get underway today... just hours after some candidates wrapped up rallies. tracie potts has more on what to expect from washington. presidential candidate :00-:06"the men and women in this room have a national bully pulpit." a final late night push to win nevada. presidential candidate :09-:12"this guy is sick, there's something wrong with this guy." the latest poll shows donald trump with a 16 point lead over ted cruz. "the establishment of the republican is waking up to the fact that within a couple of weeks donald trump could be unstoppable."
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"i just think he has turned this whole thing into a circus." fresh off his second place finish in south carolina, marco rubio is hoping to score here: presidential candidate :34-:38"we can't win. if we nominate someone, if we nominate someone that half the republican party hates." "i again don't know what makes anyone believe that donald trump supporters are going to peel off of him and go to someone else." john kasich is seeing protests after signing off to defund planned parenthood in ohio. "i found his comments today to very offensive." presidential candidate 1:01-1:05 that someone is listening out there." the five republicans left in this race. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. meanwhile, the democrats are busy ramping up for weekend vote. voters decide between hillary clinton and bernie sanders saturday in south carolina. clinton comes
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iowa and nevada. sanders, just one -- the new hampshire primaries. today state senators are fighting to prove there's no going back on an expensive mistake. in 2014, the iowa workforce development mistakenly paid nearly three quarters of a million dollars in unemployment checks. it was apparently due to a problem that occurred when the reporting system crashed. now some want the people who benefited from that mistake to keep their money... 'you cant get blood out of a turnip and when somebodys been laid off and they dont have any resources, youre gonna have to go through procedures of garnishing wages and all that and it was really workforce developments fault. iowans came forward and pointed it out and said i want to return the check and they said no.' state senator bill dotzler says the fight to get the money back will end up being more costly. he says money would be better spent finding the people who
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preventing another mistake. the board this friday. some iowans are asking governor branstad to reconsider their taxes this morning. i'm looking at...i have three kids and i've got a $16,000 in an additional tax bill that i wasn't expecting branstad's proposed 95-million dollar tax hike would hit farmers, teachers and small business owners the hardest. but he's reconsidering it now, because in his budget, he did not account for what's called coupling. that's when iowa lawmakers create state tax deductions that mirror the same deductions at the federal level. originally he said it wasn't possible to mirror those deductions, because of school funding needs. now, he thinks the state can do both at least for the upcoming year. two high-profile metro crimes have been linked together... last month, police found 71-year old norma jean mcneeley beaten and stabbed to death inside her home. the search for her killer
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yesterday, when police matched blood at the crime scene to ali yahia. yahia is the same man who was killed in a shoot-out with urbandale police earlier this month outside the holiday inn on merle hay road. they had been called there on a potential drug bust. police say the murder of mcneeley started as a random robbery. a clive hunter has cleared his name in court.. 'i think the verdict that was handed down today is a victory not only for my family and i but also for all the hunters in the state of iowa because i think its been a landmark decision.' joe franz was accused of poaching a deer on his own property back in november... the d-n-r said he used bait to lure his prize buck.... but franz claimed the mineral licks were from the land's previous owners, and he notified the dnr of it before hunting. friday, a judge decided to clear him of hunting over bait charges. that's the first time someone
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this type of case against the dnr. now republican lawmakers are looking at ways to avoid another situation like this, by making baiting laws less general. waukee students will soon start their day a little differently... last night the school board decided to require all high school students to begin their day with the pledge of allegiance. the issue was brought up by a parent who questioned why the requirement only applied to students through tenth grade. last night's decision came with no formal plans for how the school will implement it. american flags already fly in every
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potholes are the cause of headaches for many drivers... but luckily, it is officially
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the metro... josh nguyen joins us now live to tell us how construction workers aren't the only ones who can help make our ride to work smoother.
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iowa state's jameel mckay did return to the floor, last night. he did not make a difference in the outcome of the game. mckay and the cyclones at west virginia last night, ready for a very tough test on the road.. abdul nader continues his hot shooting. 23 points, cyclones lead by three. mckay checks in, and shows he won't be scoreless this time. the cyclones fall into foul trouble though. mckay fouls out with 10 points, 5 rebounds. the lead switches hands six times in the second half, but ultimately this one goes to west virginia... 97-87. iowa state is now just a game over .500 and still in search of overall-win number 20. it's an exciting night of
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win, and it's onto state next week. class 1a. 8th ranked grand view christian and mount ayr. third quarter: shayla mccool buries the 3. tied at 32 after 3. they head to overtime... and mount ayr takes it 56-51. raiderettes are headed to state for the first time since 2011. 1st round boys substate... des moines north and indianola. 3rd q. ben hayes, bottoms up from the corner. polar bears rolling. indians keep fighting. freshman evan gauger hits the deep 3. but north buries the indians 89-44. you gotta keep playin every night. and the underclassmen want to help seniors win games. north advances to play ankeny on
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teenagers have a list of things
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day... tests, boyfriends, after school sports. but uv rays... likely isn't one of them. coming up, we'll tell you about the one eye-opening experience that's
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today is going to be mostly cloudy with highs above average again. there is a chance for a few flurries and chance exists along the northern border of the be light. winds will pick up during the middle of the week with temperatures dropping back into the middle to
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still ahead... a high tech machine is making it's rounds to area high schools. see how it's providing a look beneath the skin... and making
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wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer aren't typically at the tops of teenager's minds... but some high schoolers are re- thinking that this morning... and it's all thanks to a new machine. channel 13's megan reuther has the story. high school students don't think much about their skin... "i'm outside a lot, especially with sports and stuff, you're exposed all the time." except maybe how it looks. "towards the beginning of wrestling season, i tanned a lot, and then after christmas break, i stopped." that's why a look inside this machine can be eye-opening. "i looked in the mirror and it showed the light spaces on my skin was the non-damaged part. @39:36 "the darker was damaged, and it was most of my face." this is called the dermascan. gina mandernach and rachel dow with the john stoddard cancer center bring this to area schools for the "it's your skin iowa" project. "the dermascan is a tool we can use...not actually a screening...but just a tool to show damage done below the surface of the skin that you can't get back. so this is damage done
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"which show damage from uv rays." the project started last year with a grant from the iowa cancer consortium. their goal is to get teens to wear sunscreen with s-p-f 30 and avoid tanning beds. "so many teens are tanning, and we're seeing so many cases of melanoma in that age bracket, so it's the second highest cancer that is seen for 15 to 29 year olds." standup@59:46 "19 area schools are participating in the "it's your skin iowa." it's a contest to get students to pledge not to tan." and, whoever gets the most percentage will get $500 for their school to use as they want." norwalk high school won the contest last year and used the
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"it really opens my view." all while teaching the students to protect their skin. "i think you should be comfortable in your own skin." that was megan reuther reporting... the it's your skin project also has an instagram contest for any iowa high school student to participate. students use the hastag "itsyourskiniowa" and say why they don't tan. students have two chances to win a one
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whose leading in that state ahead of today's caucus. case closed. the search for a des moines murderer leads police to another violent metro case. we'll tell you how police realized they had a match. pothole patrol.. how cities are trying to keep up with all the potholes... and how you can help. it's tuesday february 23rd...


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